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Episode 43 - Good Burger

By popular demand we are reviewing the movie that can only be in the 90s. Starring Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson and Abe Vagoda. Good Burger, all of you dudes, enjoy the show! #90s galore Boss #baby #kel #kenan #good #burger

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Episode 41 - Jaws (1975)

In the episode we visit the Steven Spielberg classic Jaws from 1975. We are visited by an old New England Fisherman. oh yeah, Charlie is back. It was reported there were issues with the audio, this is a rereleased episode #shark #jaws #spielberg #Kotter

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Episode 42 - Clue

So, Who stole Max's chips? In this episode we explore The 80s classic Clue. Starring Tim Curry, Madaline Kahn and Martin Mull. It's not just a podcast anymore #chips #curry #BTTF #yvette #MYSTERY

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Episode 40 - Man who fell to Earth (1976)

In the episode who review the David Bowie cult classic with a singing alien from 1976. This movie is forthe David Bowie fangirls. Thats about it. #space #water #bowie #alien #sex

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Fan Request November

This November on Movie Theater Time Machine, we present Fan Request Month. Send in requests on Twitter (mtimemachine or mttmbob) Email: and look us up on Facebook. Not all requests will be able to made into a show, but get them in anyway. We'll shout out to you.

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